Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet Mongo

I know I's not a Borzoi, nor is it a Silken. Mongo is a six month old Manchester Terrier that comes to us from a friend we met while attending a Thanksgiving celebration at Jill's home (Jill handles our Borzoi specials and occasional class entry). AJ offered Mongo to me and I took him up on it (after Victor's ok) since I love his mama Dawn.

I couldn't tell you a thing about his lines other than he is down from CL Eudy's last big special and some of his other Manchesters. I don't figure we will get heavily involved with the breed other to enjoy the little man and show him. If I ever decide to go the judging route he would count as another breed...but I'm on the fence about all that kind of stuff. I have enjoyed the judging Sweeps classes but don't know how far I would pursue a judging "career."

So far, AJ has been proved right in that Mongo seems more houndy than terrier, although he is super secure of himself and hasn't hesitated to go up to all the strange dogs at the house fearlessly. He is a bit more hesitant about Monkee now that she read him the riot act last night - but he certainly doesn't cower around her...just avoids her haughtily. He is also a first rate snuggler.

And yes...that's a cast on his rear leg. Properly fitting into our latest "bad luck blast," while in the car traveling to another friend's work, where we were to pick him up after our return from Michigan, he became entangled in a seat belt and broke his leg just above the growth plate. Prognosis is good, and the procedure thankfully not as expensive as Arthur's earlier this year - the vet figured on 4 weeks to heal. Mongo is still quite nimble despite the cast - although it's humorous to watch him strut about with it. Yes, he struts.

Mongo meets Tyler

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