Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lola and Beta

Lola (Duncan/Josi) left for CT on the 12th to become a part of the McCormick clan along with Beta (Isaak/Serena). I've gotten lots of Beta updates from Martha, so it was easy to send Lola up there after she had inquired about her - and I thought she and Beta would be great together.

Lola was her brother Sunni's favorite chew toy - but she wasn't cut out for it, being a very submissive girl. Hearing about Beta and his play style with the Bernese Mountain Dogs he shares the home with, and seeing a little video of it, I hoped his sunny outlook would help bring out Lola's personality.

Martha sent along a little video that shows that Beta and Lola are quite the cute couple and my hopes are coming to fruition - Beta is a great playmate, and Lola is interacting great with him.

Beta also had a little photo and modeling session for the In the Company of Dogs catalog and is currently featured in the image rotation on their web site's front page!

Lola also attended some shows the weekend after her arrival and did very well walking amongst the crowd and receiving attention from folks she didn't know. I look forward to more stories and pictures of her and Beta's adventures!


jvookles said...

Seeing the photo of Beta in that catalog was the 2nd time I had heard of Silkens. I had only had Greyhounds previously. That day I began to investigate Silkens and within a few months met Tangaloor Appley Ever After. It was love at first sight. He was my 1st Silken; I now have 3.
I just determined that Appley is Beta's grandsire. At least I think so. What a bizarre, small world experience.

RLynn said...

Yes!! Appley is the sire of Isaak, who is Beta's sire! I have learned that the world can get much smaller through the wonder of the Internet and through the dog fancy - combine them, and it gets even smaller!!