Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Learning Tangle

My brain is in such a knot. Such a knot that would make Celtic knotwork look simple and easy.

I've had an idea for a re-design of my web site for Gryffyn's Aeyrie. I've kinda got it mapped out and kinda not. There are some more things I need to learn in addition to more CSS techniques. I need to learn Photoshop and its brush tools (I currently work in Paint Shop Pro since it was easier for me to learn way back when) and I need to learn how to work with vectorizing pictures. My head hurts. I feel way to old to learn this stuff and my memory seems like a sieve as of late. I have plenty else to do - so why do I bind myself up in these things. I was once told, while on a date, that I have a "curious mind". Not sure if they meant I was a perpetual student of sorts who was always looking for a learning experience...or if they just meant my mind was curious in that I was impossible to figure out where I was coming from and that I myself was a curiosity. Possibly both.

To add to the mangled mess, I was looking into digital scrapbooking as well in terms of styles and layout techniques. Now I can't concentrate on anything for more than a minute without wandering off into another tangent - the ADD has kicked in full throttle. Sometimes it's quite the asset for multi-tasking - but right now it's a huge barrier to getting anything done!

We may have some hellacious weather for the next 12 hours or so beginning this evening. The university posted its inclement weather policy and if the roads are iced tomorrow morning I may be wandering through my learning fog at home. But actually, I don't have time for that. We have a mess of dogs to groom for a special supported entry event on Saturday at the Abilene dog show.

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