Thursday, December 6, 2007

Annual "Rabies Round-Up"

Yesterday we had what I've come to call our "rabies round-up". Our vet comes to the house and gives the majority of our dogs their annual rabies vaccination (some of them, due to their birthday or when they arrived here, get their vaccine near summertime). We also do any exams on those dogs I would like checked - Arthur and Perci were just overjoyed at their prostate exams (not!). Flareon got her stitches removed from her surgery a couple weeks ago (all pathology came back benign - hurrah!) and Lars got looked at for limping (left shoulder - muscle strain/pull).

This time around I also opened up my box of microchips and we chipped several of the Borzoi and Silkens. I have a HUGE fear of needles - they have to practically hold me down to do any bloodwork on me - and I project that fear to the idea of inserting that big bore needle into one of my dogs. Just can't do it - although I give vaccines to the dogs regularly (the combo shots, not the rabies vac).

Now I will likely be in need of medical attention once I get the bill!! Ouch - that hurts!

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