Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Special Delivery

Solo got a lovely little delivery in the mail - an invite to WESTMINSTER! As of October 31 he stands at #4 in the breed rankings, so he is guaranteed entry at the Garden if I send it on in. Which I did today! I am so excited that our "Ubergoober" has done so well his first year out as a special - and so young too! He just loves to show and meet folks! I figured this isn't going to happen to me that often...so what the heck....we're gonna go again this time! We had already made ground transportation arrangements for him - and now I will be making flight arrangements for me. The last thing I need to do is drive around in a downtown setting - I would likely get arrested! I just hate downtown environments and cannot understand how folks can live like bees in a honeycomb with not a blade of grass in sight!

Looks like Sara may come with me so we can see Solo strut it out at the Garden. I am excited, nervous...and actually quite frightened of being completely overwhelmed being in that atmosphere.

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