Saturday, September 8, 2007

the Arrival!

I am oh-so-late in updating things here thanks to being on the road (and offline) and ill and exhausted since my return. Ugh. But we have plenty of FABULOUS news to share! First is the blessed arrival of 9 puppies (4 boys, 5 girls) via natural delivery beginning around 2 pm on Sunday, September 2.

the pups on day 3
I had left for Colorado that morning and Victor handled the whelping, phoning me at each arrival (when he could - there were times I was in one of those wonderful cellular black holes of nowhere). There were 11 pups total, but 2 were stillborn. The theme for the litter is Harry Potter Spells - since after several failed attempts to get Duri bred, it was almost magickal when she became pregnant this time around!

Their page on the Gryffyn's Aeyrie web site is located here.

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