Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fence Me In - Please!

We watched the house behind our property with its "For Sale" sign out front for quite a while. We were a bit worried - as one never knows about new neighbors vs. dogs. The previous neighbor who moved in after a long advertisement was pretty easy-going and seemed to like the dogs - who would occasionally high-tail it out to the shared fenceline and visit at times. Or stare at the stray cat. The dogs who remain outside during the day in various fenced areas of our 2 acre backyard are quite visible - so it would be no great surprise to house hunters that they would have several 4-leggeds as potential neighbors.

Then one day, the realty sign disappeared. Uh-oh - here goes!

Well, while mowing the yard this past weekend, Victor met our new neighbor and reported back that he's a nice fella. He also asked if it would be ok if he used our existing fenceposts (currently set-up with 6-foot "no-climb" wire, to put up a privacy fence against it. Wahoo! I have been wanting to completely fence the yard with wooden stockade for a while now - it already has it along the fencing just beside the road (we are on a corner lot). We just can't budget for it at this time. The dogs are visible from the road along a portion of the back fence - so this is great.

Now if our side neighbor only began to desire a lovely wooden fence as well!

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